From almost missing our first flight from London, having a rat jump out a draw at us, poor and unstable internet connections, savings running much faster than anticipated, nothing but fried food, being scammed, bedbugs and cockroaches. Lol! How easy is it to focus on the bad???

On 26th March 2019, we celebrated slow travelling around the world for one whole year and what a year it's been!!!

From almost missing our first flight from London, having a rat jump out a draw at us, poor and unstable internet connections, savings running much faster than anticipated, nothing but fried food, being scammed, bedbugs and cockroaches. Lol! How easy is it to focus on the bad??? We've also had a phonemonal year of discovering the vast amounts of ways to make money online, seeing sights that most only dream of, Taji learning words from several languages, eating delicious food from around the world at the lowest prices and meeting some of the friendliest people we've ever come across. Truth is, it's been a rollercoaster so we've come up with 10 things we've learned after a year of full-time travel.


We knew this already as we'd been business owners before we left but with it being the first time without either of us having jobs it's a completely different ball game as there are now no employers to depend on. All it did was confirm a prior knowledge, multiple streams of incomes is the way to go. That way, if your main income source fails (and it did fail for us), there are always alternative sources that can pick up the slack till you bounce back.


Linked to number one, the more we dig, the more we discover heaps of ways to make money that we wished we'd known about years ago. Seriously, everyone has a skill that someone wants to learn or use and they are willing to pay you for it. We now spend our time figuring out how to get paid for just being us, it's possible and as soon as we've got the formula down, we'll share it with you.


As we're still developing our income streams, we could easily spend most of our days trying to make money but when you have you're child with you 24/7, they don't care about bills and they force you to live in the moment. Taji, like most children gets bored easily and she forces us to put down our phones and go outside. It was a struggle at first and I know we're her first teachers but you know what, she teaches us so much. We've learned to be present present because she demands it and so she should, she deserves our full attention and the more we're present, the more we're able to free ourselves and just enjoy this life that we've created.

4. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Right now, we have a room with a view of central Kuala Lumpur and I love to sit and meditate outside before the hustle and bustle start. Everyday, I look out and think to myself, wow, we really live this life. I still often don't know how we're doing it but I'll remain grateful every single day that we do.

5. HEALTH IS WEALTH I am generally a fairly healthy person, I'm rarely unwell and if I am you'll know about it because I hate being sick. I didn't mind a cold when I was in London because I'd use it as an excuse for a day off work but now, especially with a baby, it's the WORST. Baby doesn't care if your sick, she's still wants her mama milk and mama milk she will get. There was also the time in Spain when I did my back in and had to get straightened out by a Chiro. It was so debilitating. I hate the idea that failing health could prevent me from enjoying my life or providing for my family so I'm working on that. I've lost almost 3 stone in the past year as we've walked our way through the different countries and I've commited to become the healthiest I've ever been this year. By the way, eating in Asia can be dirt cheap, it can also be extremely unhealthy, we realised this and had to adjust our budget slightly to be able to eat better for the sake of our health. Our bodies were affected quick enough for us to make adjustments for our betterment.


This is true in so many different ways and I'm not just talking about the standard, paint your nails and bubble baths type of self-care (though, those are important). Challenge yourself to master skills your passionate about, pay for courses that will develop you, download the ebook that could change your life, listen to podcasts, go to the gym, spend a bit more on healthier food, do things that you love, work on your finances, get a better job, start that business. You only get 1 go at being you so make it the best it can be, that may take time or money or both but you're worth it. ​


8. WE DON'T ACTUALLY NEED VERY MUCH Living in SE Asia has shown us how easy it is to live very cheaply. Our last blog post showed you how we were able to live on £800 a month and you can read about that, here. With that said, we also don't need very many possessions. We've cut our luggage down to one medium-sized suitcase and 2 rucksacks between the 3 of us and less is so much more. I love that we do not accumulate "things", I definitely prefer a more simple living. Its far cheaper and means we have more funds available to invest in the things that matter most to us (see number 6).

9. KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEGINNING, THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE IS WHERE THE POWER IS Knowledge is power they say but is it really if you know a lot but don't put that knowledge to use? Travelling full-time has allowed us to read more and we do enourage you read more but when we actually use the knowledge we've gained we can clearly see that we are better for it. I've read Rich Dad, Poor Dad twice now and I think I'll make it a yearly read, the first time we were £18,000 in debt, the second time we were debt free and living in SE Asia, I wonder what our life will look like the third time I read it.

10. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING Your outlook and attitude to life will determined your experience. I don't think I can say it enough. I often talk about the power of positive thinking and importance of daily affirmations to manifest your goals. I know to some its all a bit airy fairy but it works for us and we notice clear differences in our outcomes when our mindset is in a good place compared to thoughts of self-doubt and anxiety. Your thoughts become your reality, just try it, commit to thinking positively about 1 aspect of your life for 21 days and see if things don't improve.

So what's in store for our second year of travel? After a month in London, we'll likely spend the rest of 2019 in Asia and then early 2020 we think we'll delve into a new continent but no concrete plans as yet. We're just going with the flow and what we feel is right for us at the time and just continuing to develop ourselves and our income streams. Thank you for hanging with us so far and we look forward to sharing another year with you, our family.

Love & Light, ​

Chi x