2018, WHAT A YEAR...


Every December we set goals for the year ahead, dream wild dreams, imagining what the next 365 days might look like but we can't do that without reviewing the year we get ready to leave behiind. I'm often terrible at remembering the great things I've achieved and will instead focus on how I missed the mark, dwell on mistakes, blah blah blah.

Well not this year! I am beyond proud of the fact that AJ and I were bold enough to walk away from seemingly stable yet disatissfying jobs & leave familiar grounds without a solid plan for an adventure that we'd only dreamed of....with a 9 month old baby in tow.

People tell us they live vicariously through us, how they wish they could do it too and I'm guilty of playing down our efforts, declaring how we're no different from anyone else, brushing it off as no big deal but tonight as I look out at the mountain views from our Thai condo I'm in awe of us.

In January, I had a thriving jewellery and accessories business that had replaced my salaried income but I was exhausted. I worked on the business all day every day just to keep on top of orders. It was heartbreaking to walk away from SuperFunkyMe but my family deserved more of me, undisturbed mummy and Mrs G time and it felt near impossible in those circumstances.

At that time we were well into preparing to leave but all we had was a rough plan of how we could make our dream lifestyle a reality. Yep, I said rough! Whenever someone asked how we would make money, my answer was usually "we'll work it out". The busyness of SuperFunkyMe didn't allow me any spare time to implement our Plan A and our Plan B we couldn't start till we left the UK.

So here we were in March, with £10,000 to our names, a hopeful attitude and in the blink of an eye we were sitting in a restaurant in Malaga saying cheers to our first night abroad as full-time Nomads. Since then we've taken 11 flights to 4 Spanish cities, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and for now Thailand.

In 9 short months I've lost over 2 stone in weight as we walked our way through every country we've visited. Taji has learned to walk and say words in 3 different languages. She loves counting, saying Hi (hola), see you soon(hasta pronto) and aunty (tita) in Spanish, thank you in Thai (sounds like "khob khun kha") and of course knows many English words.

AJ became a qualified English teacher and has been teaching online for 6 months now and we've recruited several people to his company.

I wrote my first ebook giving people tips for selling on Etsy and I've shared the various ways that I've discovered to make money online helping others to make £1000s in their spare time. What a year!!! And we're just getting started!

For those who ask how we did it! I've written blog posts on how we cleared £18,000 of debt in 2 years & saved £15,000 in 1 year but the most important thing I would encourage you to do if you want to live a life outside of the 9-5 is.... decide what kind of life you want to live & then create a life plan with clear steps to achieving it.

We had to get super organised to make this lifestyle a reality, every aspect of our lives I planned out, designing pages to map out how I could achieve each one of our goals over the last few years. Seeing your goals written down and how you're progressing in each category is extremely powerful.

I created a monthly budget, used weight loss jars, saving thermometors all to get our lives in check because when I'm organised I feel empowered and unstoppable. To suit our travelling lifestyle, give me more free time and make these accessible to you, our family, I've turned these into digitial pages which you can print off and use as you see fit.