Turkey wasn't the easiest destination for us for a number of reasons but in the spirit of focusing on the positives, I decided to make today's blog about the things we loved about out time in Antalaya.


We just about managed to change our pounds into Turkish Lira on the day that most currency exchanges ran out of the currency. It turned out that what was a low financial point for Turkey totally worked in our favour. Arriving in Turkey, the first thing we noticed was that you could get a scoop of ice cream for about 30p! I've never known anything like it. At one of our favourite restaurants, we could get two meals and drinks for less than £6 for the both of us, 1 weeks worth of food shopping was less than £20 and a round trip on the bus was about 70p. The lesson we took from this for our future travel planning was that we wanted to earn our money in pounds & dollars but spend it where our money would go far. Especially in these times as we try to establish our finances. The low cost of living is definitely what I miss most about Turkey.


Okay, so for us at times it got a bit too much with people actually trying to take Taji but in general, Turkish people are super friendly. They will go out of their way to help you and we kept being offered gifts of food, sweets and cake. I definitely think with Taji being the only black baby in town helped but still, the people are absolutely lovely and it was extremely refreshing to be met with smiles and waves on a regular basis.


Though Spain is on our list of potential places to settle the biggest downside to our stay in Malaga was the sea temperature was too cold to enjoy. Enter the Med...One of my favourite things to do whilst we were in Turkey was relax in it's warm sea. Nothing beats that for me. The fact that in early October I was basking in sea temperatures at mid-20s was a dream come true. I'm going to keep saying this, I still often can't believe we've made this our reality but we have. From now, nothing is impossible. If you can wish it, you can have it. Usually, the only thing stopping us from achieving our dreams is us. Live your best life family, you deserve it and the time is now. Love & Light, Chi x