We’re always asked for quick ways to make some extra cash and while I don’t think there are any get rich quick schemes, there are 3 methods I have used which have paid out almost instantly, earning me an extra about £850 in about 1 month while needing to put in only a couple hours of my time.

*You must be UK based to take part in these opportunities

Matched Betting (Average cash out time: 1-5 days)

If you want to make a significant amount of money in a short amount of time. This is my favourite way to do it. Matched Betting is strategic gambling. I already have a blog post and a YouTube video about this so please check these out. I love Matched betting and made £600 quite quickly. You are basically taking advantage of the generous offers from the betting companies. I was really sceptical before trying it so did loads of research and after I stumbled upon articles by The Guardian and Huffington Post about it, I was sold. So how does it work exactly? Okay, so let's say you saw the offer 'Bet, £10, get £20' on the William Hill website. I would first make a 'Qualifying Bet' by betting £10 on Arsenal to win let's say, I would then place a second bet at what is called a 'Betting Exchange' on Arsenal Not To Win. That way, regardless of whether Arsenal win, lose or draw, I've covered all eventualities. From this qualifying bet, I may lose a small amount, usually up to £1 but now I've gained the free £20 as initially promised and so I'm going to do the same process again, only this time the calculator is going to help me maximise my profits. If I do all of the right things, I should be able to keep 80% of the free £20. I now have £16 which is mine to keep! Imagine repeating this process with up to 100 different bookmakers and you can see how quickly the profits add up!!! Get 14 days for £1 by signing up today. I also created a YouTube video showing you how to do it here!

Bonus Accumulator (Average cash out time: 1-5 days)

Okay, so this website is made by the same people who made Profit Accumulator. It works in a similar way however the focus is on Casino offers so you’ll be playing a lot of blackjack and spins. I made about £200 in the first few days of signing up. It’s super easy, quite fun and a great way to make some extra cash fast. You can get 50% off of your first month by signing up now!

Oh My Dosh (Average cash out time: 1-2 days)

I love this Oh My Dosh because it rewards you for completing offers. There are hundreds of companies that will pay you to try out their products, often on a trial basis. I made about £40 on the first day after signing up. You just have to remember to set yourself a reminder to cancel the trial before it ends. Check out the link here. Hopefully at least one of these methods will help to give your bank account a boost over the next few months. Let us know how it goes!