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5 Days in Seville

Last Friday we took a 3 hour coach trip to Seville, considered the capital of the Andalusian region. AJ's brother, Kamari and his beautiful family (girlfriend Silvia and daughter Arya) live there. It was raining as we pulled into the city so we spent our first day there just chilling out in their apartment and our girls spent time playing time together. They honestly brought out the best in each other, it was beautiful to watch.

For lunch, we ate at Goiko Grill. This (clap) place (clap) is (clap) the (clap) bomb (clap). OMG just writing about it makes me want to go back RIGHT NOW! I had the peppermint lemonade which was beautiful and the burger was delish. Hubby had sweet potato fries that were mouth watering. Oh yeah, side note..... they had a burger called BROKENEGGER, insert thinking emoji, yeah it was a little suspect. It's word play on the "broken egg" inside the burger but mate, someone may need to have a word.

On our second day we went into the city centre and did touristy things. We visited the cathedral, we didn't go inside as, I guess once you've seen the inside of one cathedral you've seen them all but the architecture on the outside is stunning.

​After wondering the streets for a while we then waited in a queue for at least 15 minutes for ice cream and crepes from Ice Wave. It was definitely worth the wait for instastory worthy videos of how they make the delicious treats. They tasted awesome too!

Day three was the main event, the Seville fair. We decided that it probably is bigger than Notting Hill Carnival. Getting there was a bit of struggle as we missed our bus and then once in the city centre, getting onto a packed bus which took a special route especially for the carnival wasn't exactly fun. Hoards of people lined the streets to the entrance, you could barely get through, made even more difficult with a buggy. The fair was divided into two sections, a fairground and a set of ticket only tents. Any group of people could have a tent from political groups, friends, associations, etc. The sizeof tent depending on your budget, they could run into several thousands. We found our tent and ordered drinks and food, just about managing to get a table, it was packed but what a beautiful site. What I loved most about the fair was seeing everyone dressed up. The women in spectacular flamenco dresses that caressed every curve and the men looked sharp in their jackets. This went for all ages too, everyone made an effort, it was a real family affair. All of a sudden there was clapping and people were on their feet. All around us couples had formed and the dancing had started. It was really lovely to watch, we loved it!! After the dancing was done we headed over to the fairground, with 2 very young girls, there's not a whole lot to choose from but for the big kids it's a dream, would probably even rival some theme parks, it was massive!

​If you're ever in Seville in April, definitely head down to the fair. It's wonderful to experience, oh and get yourself some sweet wine and then waffles as you leave (drools). We had such an awesome time. Below is a picture of Kamari & Silvia, how cute are they?

We spent our final two days chilling, spending some quality time with the family and having churros and chocolate which only cost 1 euro for a portion per person, just omg. I love to eat (sigh). We're already working on coming back to Seville later in the year as there is much that we didn't get round to doing plus of course spending even more time with the fam.

Love & Light,