I got asked the other day if our decision to move abroad was living up to my expectations...

...I couldn't really give an answer at the time because I thought we didn't really set any expectations, much of this process happened without any overthinking as we knew that if we were to dwell on it too much we could talk ourselves out of the whole move. However, the more I think about it, I think we did expect somethings to go a certain way and now that we're officially 4 weeks deep into our journey, it seems like a good time to talk about the realities of travelling full-time.


Well, it's definitely not as cheap as I expected it to be. I guess we can put that down to the fact that we're currently residing slap bang in the centre of a city (I like convenience), it's almost high season and the weakened pound over the last few years. I'd say that Malaga is actually comparable to London for spending, maybe slightly cheaper but only slightly. We've been starting to plan where we'll go next after we return to London for a short while in July and omg, the prices of flights alone on budget airlines is astonishing. Considering that I've worked in schools for over 10 years being forced to vacation during the holiday periods, you would think I would have known this. It's not just the flights though, we've been looking at airbnb in other Spanish cities, Portugal, Greece and Italy and just for a 1 bedroom you're looking at £1300 to £1500 a month between May and October. We've never paid those prices even living in Essex (our rent was £650 a month) so I can't comprehend paying double, hence our decision to do Workaway and Housesitting assignments as much as we can for the rest of this year until our income is more stable. I'm definitely looking forward to venturing out to Central & South America and Asia where hopefully our pound will go much further.


I have to admit, I definitely aimed to get to the beach everyday when I could and that certainly has not happened. Not because it couldn't (we're only a 15 minute walk away) but I swear when you have children, you are not gifted the same 24 hours child free people have and you can't tell me otherwise! Trying to complete 4 hours of work online till 1pm to then enjoy the rest of the day in the sunshine looks more like barely getting in 1 full hour of work before the baby wakes up, attempting to continue working whilst breastfeeding or trying to entertain her with one hand while typing with the other. Then aiming to leave at 1pm turning into leaving at 5pm because baby decided to poo up and out of her clothes and onto me just as we were headed out the door (yes this actually happened yesterday). So, no we haven't quite made it to the beach everyday but thankfully, as our upcoming workaway host reminded me, in Spain the day is only just getting started at 9pm, so we're good.


My current wardrobe would make you think I lived in the tropics. I definitely got this one wrong. I had it in my head that I'd mainly wear shorts, sandals and cute off the shoulder dresses so I could take drool-worthy Instagram photo everyday, lol. Alas, it's Spring here which means the weather whilst pleasant is quite interchangeable, rain and thunderstorms included, with the weather forecast at times changing every few hours. I thought that only happened in London. We can go out any day and see people in shorts to people with coats and scarves so thankfully I wasn't the only one confused. We've been told that Summer doesn't really start till Mid May so I guess we have a few weeks yet till I can bask in uninterrupted sunshine. One month in and we still have money left, lol, I love Malaga and much prefer this life over returning to work after mat leave, I literally have 0 regrets. Truth is, we're still working it all out, still have no idea what we're doing, still just trusting that it will all fall into place as it should and I prefer it that way rather than having a whole heap of expectations only to be let down. It also makes for better stories to tell the children and grandchildren.

Love & Light,