So let's just get straight into it because those smiles you see would hours later turn into screams!!! Okay so, my mum was visiting us and the morning after her first night, she tells us that she felt a mouse run across her feet whilst she was in bed.....sigh.

I thought, surely she imagined it, it was a nightmare, desperately hoping she'd got it wrong. I went into the bathroom only to see mouse droppings.....urgh. Ok, far from ideal but it was just a mouse right, it happens I guess *shrugs shoulders*. As long as I didn't see it myself I could pretend it didn't exist. This was just another issue added to the growing list of problems we'd had with our second apartment. there was no hot water in the kitchen no washing machine we found cockroaches mould on the duvet damp/mould smell on the walls The place was just neglected and it was cheap, like half the price of what you'd typically expect in central Malaga.

We thought we'd just got a bargain when we first booked it but you get what you pay for right? I almost forgot to mention that the entire building was a construction site, complete with a "do not enter" sign, we really should have paid more attention to that. We did look for other accommodation on first seeing it but there was nothing in our budget so we put up and shut up (we did complain about all the above though and there was always some excuse that the host would come up with in her broken English) but anyway, let's get back to where we were, the mouse. So I informed the host and told her I wanted to leave, she just said, "being in Malaga, these things happen" but that they'd already put disinfectant down the shower drain where we suspected it came from. It seemed like she was very much aware this was a problem.

We only had 9 days left before we had to move again so I had to woman up and we decided we'd just get through it....again. Mum however, decided otherwise, she wanted out and said she'd book a hotel or new apartment and wanted us to come stay with her for the rest of her stay. We then spent hours trying to book somewhere else, not knowing it was bank holiday weekend in Spain, 98% of the apartments on Airbnb were fully booked and the others were too expensive. Anyway, just before we were ready to pause searching, we found somewhere on More than she would like to have paid and it had 0 reviews but there was little other choice and surely nothing could be as bad as this. We got ready, left the apartment and ate out. Within this time, the host had contacted Airbnb and told them we wanted to cancel our reservation, she was prepared to refund our unspent nights.

Can you believe, Airbnb stated that if we chose to leave, we would have to pay the host a further £30 because we'd lose the monthly discount we'd gained on our original booking *insert vex emoji*! So I went back and forth with them, it was pointless because we couldn't afford to spend anymore money but I thought I'd entertain the idea and see if we could actually get a refund. This was taking up too much time so we decided to just pack our bags for the weekend and get ready to go to mums new apartment. As I was taking my tops out from the bedside storage unit what I thought was a mouse jumped out and ran across the room, I screamed "a mouse, a mouse" and jumped onto the bed, it ran (more like casually jogged) into the front room, my mum screamed, the baby cried and AJ kicked it couple times and it went into the kitchen. "That was no mouse" they both said, it was a rat! Omg, I just shuddered whilst writing this at the thought of it again! Nope, I'm not staying here, not with a rat, not with our baby, pack EVERYTHING, we're leaving NOW!!! We called the host, she got her cleaner and her husband down to get it out. "RATO, RATO" bang, bang, bang, the husband came out bin bag in hand claiming that he'd got it. The bag didn't move, we didn't believe him. We asked our sister in law, Sylvia, to speak in Spanish to the host so we could be clear that her £200 she'd offered as a refund was a joke especially as now the stakes had changed. She wasn't hearing any of it, even going as far as to say we were enjoying our stay till now and having the audacity to call us filthy. What made it worse was as we were still trying to deal with Airbnb, they were on the side of the host, stating that she deserves to be paid, they didn't care about all we had endured or the fact that we had a baby in this derelict building but the poor host right?

As we continued to pack, we found several more droppings, including by the baby's cot, this wasn't just a one off and I felt sick knowing that vermin had been so close to my baby. Several bags later and we were out, I didn't want to ever look back, we got a cab to the new apartment which felt like paradise in comparison. The new host was so lovely and we wished we could spend the rest of our stay there. Hold on, why couldn't we?? We got mum to ask if they had any bookings for the next week and they didn't. They offered us a discount for staying an extra week and we worked out that in actual fact we'd only be paying about £50 more so we jumped at the opportunity and we love it here. Mum found out that they'd literally listed the property the day that we booked it so we were the first to stay there. We also had another apartment booked for our final 2 weeks in Malaga which I was unsure of so we reached out to a contact via the school where AJ is doing his tefl course and turns out that they had availability too. I don't believe in coincidences, we took a couple chances and it worked out accordingly. I know we signed up for an adventure but not this, not anything that could put our baby at risk. I'd like to say that chapter is closed but we're still waiting to get back our money from Airbnb.

I'm so disappointed in them, what seems like a great idea, I now realise is nothing more than money grabbing opportunists who will always side with the host. They gave me the opportunity to leave a review, great I hear you say, make sure everyone knows the truth about your stay. Not exactly, Airbnb's review policy means that you're review only gets published to the public after the host writes their review about you so if they choose not to write a review about you, your review will never see the light of day. So when we're wondering how is it this place has never received any negative reviews it's because the host has decided they know a person is going to write something negative and won't allow that to happen. On that note, I need to go take to twitter to try and get our money back. Send some positive vibes our way please. ​

Love & Light,