So my coconut oil is solid again and we all know that's the official sign that Summer in London is officially over. As the skies remain fairly grey and London returns to its usual gloomy feel, we're very much ready to go sun seeking again but I'll admit there are a number of things I've missed about London whilst on our travels...

1. Family & Friends - Pretty much the only reason why we've come back at all is for the people we care about, we do miss everyone so much whilst we're away and we've spent most of our time back here just trying to fit in catching up with everyone.

2. Plantain & Avocado - Probably my two favourite fruit and Spain do not do them well (maybe it just wasn't the right season?). I dunno what it is but my taste buds have been doing a multitude of dances since being back in London, I've eaten plantain and avocado almost every day (drools).

3. Date Nights - Our weekly date nights used to be my favourite day of the week. An excuse to dress up, go out and swoon over my gorgeous hubby was all I needed to get me through a rough day at work or a sleepless night with the baby but unfortunately, travelling by ourselves and not having Nana 30 minutes away means that we've had to sacrifice our date nights.

4. Familiarity - My anxiety levels would rise slightly when I had to go into a supermarket and try to ask for skinless chicken breast in my poor attempt at the Spanish language so being able to do with ease in London has actually been a joy (it's the little things). And when you're natural parents and trying to find water wipes for baby's bum is a no go so you have to put up with the regular wipes. Water wipes, we've missed you!

5. TFL - Say what you want about London Underground but in my experience of all the countries I've travelled to so far, TFL is one of the most efficient travel systems in the world. I still have a lot of world to see so maybe I'll be proven otherwise but compared to some of the more rural parts of Spain we've stayed in, I've missed being able to catch a tube within 3 minutes and buses that arrive within 10 minutes opposed to the hourly bus service to get into Seville city centre.

Love & Light, Chi x