So we did it! On Monday 26th March 2018 at crazy o’clock, we found ourselves at Stansted airport saying goodbye to our old life, ready to embark on an adventure with no clue as to how it would all pan out.

Okay, stop….let’s take it back, give you some context and answer the questions that we get asked constantly. “Why are you going travelling?” “How are you affording this?” “Isn’t Taji too young to travel?” being of highly melanated complexions, AJ and I always had a strong desire to live in the sun so staying in London was never the long term plan for us. The traditional 9-5, get a mortgage and pension way of life was definitely not for us. London had become dreary and seeing people trapped into a lifestyle of complaints, regrets and living for the weekend was not the route we wanted to take. Of course we could be debt free and stay in London but we were on a discounted rent scheme which was soon ending and would see our rent almost double and that was before we had the baby. So we toyed with looking at jobs abroad and different ways that we could live a more care free life. Being inspired by travel blogs and YouTubers, we saw couples living exactly as we imagined for ourselves and doing it with hardly any money saved too. I could talk about how all of our plans leading up to this moment fell into place almost perfectly but maybe I’ll save that for another blog post. The day I left to start my maternity leave, we committed to giving ourselves 1 year to quit our jobs and sell everything we owned to travel indefinitely. We didn’t have any savings (we became debt free the year before) or any concrete ideas as to how this could work. I was running an afrocentric accessories business, SuperFunkyMe, that was quickly starting to replace my employed income and we had a brand new baby who demanded all of our attention. We were exhausted to say the least! While AJ was at work, I would spend all day (from about 6am to midnight) while the baby slept trying to get orders out on time. I loved SuperFunkyMe and I know it’s something that many will not understand because they only saw the thriving side of the business but I was struggling to keep on top of it all so I had to stop before I ran myself into the ground. Still, we didn’t let any of that stop us, even when we had family and friends who didn’t like the idea of us going travelling with no jobs secured and a baby who was just getting used to life on the outside. We decided that if we were going to do this, the time is now, why wait? Life is too short to worry about the “what ifs?” and worst case scenario, we’re young enough that if it all went horribly wrong we could drag our feet back to London and start all over again. Yes we were scared but I’d be more worried if we weren’t. My motto for 2017 was “feel the fear and do it anyway” so there was no going back. We set a goal of saving £15,000 by the time we left and after talking with AJ’s brother, Kamari & his girlfriend Silvia who live in Seville, we decided that Malaga would be our first stop. It was close enough for family to visit when they decided to and we could travel back to London when we wanted. We used the profits from SuperFunkyMe, selling our belongings and a few other techniques to make money online to buy some essentials and save enough to get us started. But for now, we have a few new online businesses we’re working on along with the belief that all will work out accordingly as it has done so far. We’ll share everything we did at a later date. We don’t want these posts to drag out too much so we’ll stop here and share part 2, including how we almost missed our flight, in a few days.

​Love and light, Chi