1. Enjoy all the food ​ One of our highlights was the food in Greece: kebabs, souvlakis, mousakka, the pastry based desserts, it goes on. Go out of your way to taste something new, we loved tasting all the new flavours

We absolutely loved our time in Athens! We knew that there would be a lot to see and we wanted to make sure that we could really explore all that this wonderful city has to offer. Now we spent a month there but you could get away with a fun packed weekend and explore so much. So here are our suggestions for things to see & do in Athens, Greece.

​2. Overlook Athens from Lycabettus Hill Athens is massive and the best way to see it all is from atop. To get to Lycabbetus hill, you can walk, (we walked part way and it is uphill and contains a lot of steps so you need to be somewhat active). You can then take the funicular which leaves every 30 minutes. Once at the top, the 360 views will astound you!

​3. Winners Only at The First Modern Olympics Standium ​The Panathenic Stadium is nothing short of amazing and being there felt like walking amongst history. We walked the the Athletes tunnel, became winners by taking to the podium and of course we had to hit the race track. It cost 5EUR to get in but that money was well spent. There is also a small museum where you can see all the torches used throughout th Olympics.

4. Learn Greek History at the Acropolis Museum This is the largest archeological museum in the world and whilst it didn't feel like it whilst we were there, it certainly does cover a lot. There is so much to see and you truly get an idea of how much the city of Athens has developed throughout history. I wonder if Britain will ever decide to return parts of the Parthenon that it stole from Athens?

5. Walk the streets of Plaka ​ We loved the winding pretty streets of Athens, they're so pretty and hold so much character and life. Plaka is a lovely neighbourhood with cutesy restaurants & outdoor markets. Taji loved trying to run along the cobbled streets.

​6. Acropolis ​ And of course the piece de resistance. We visited Acropolis on a Sunday. In winter (from 1st November) many of the attractions are free entry on a Sunday, including Acropolis which is usually 20EUR. In our opinion, it would have been worth spending the money as the crowds on a free day are somewhat overwhelming. Despite this, words fail me. Throughout most of our time in Athens AJ would shout "This is Sparta", it definitely felt like we were stepping into the scene of 300 or Gladiator.

7. Cocktails at A is For Athens ​ We ended our final night here and boy was it worth it. Go as the sun is setting. The views are beautiful, overlooking the square and looking up to the lit up Acropolis and cocktails are great too.

Love & Light,