We had it all planned out! We'd booked 1 months worth of accomodation in two areas of Bali: Ubud and Canggu.... That was the plan, but as we know plans don't alwasy work out.

The intention was we'd scout the areas and choose a beautiful 2 bedroom villa complete with private pool and we'd stay for 6 months allowing us rest for a while (travelling full-time is exhausting), family to visit and also focus on some big goals we'd set for the rest of 2019. We really needed some downtime.

So our first week we spent in Ubud searching for long term rentals and we found a gorgeous bright and airy 2 bedroom villa with a private pool and much to our dismay, the worst internet connection ever. That was the main reason we had to leave Bali sooner than planned. Internet in Bali is very inconsistent. Our two short term stays actually had great internet (download 20mbps, upload 10mbps) but the connections in all of the long term villas were terrible (download 4mbps, upload 0.5mpbs). Considering all of our work takes place online, it was nowhere near good enough for us to even take a chance. Our idea of working hard in the morning and chilling in our own private pool while sipping on Bintang was crushed, we were gutted but took it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be. So we focused on just trying to enjoy the time we had left before moving on to Malaysia.

Here's a breakdown on what we loved and loathed about our time in Bali:


Balinese Culture & People

The people in Bali are pure joy. EVERYONE smiles at you. We became close with one family in particular as we went to their Warung for breakfast everyday. They welcomed us into their lives, Taji would play with their children and AJ helped to boost their online presence. It was one of the best things about our Bali experience.

Balinese culture is centred around religion and community. Everyone belongs to a community that can have around 200 families in it and you support those in your community as everyone navigates through life. You'll see ceremonies taking place oads which isn't an issue per say but it does mean that prices are often jacked up and we'd prefer to stay closer to the locals to experience more of the culture. If it's culture and a more authentic experience you want then Ubud is for you. n a regular basis and we also noted how we didn't see any homelessness. We put this down to the fact that everyone is taken care of within the communtity. Ubud is full of culture, I loved it. Canngu not so much. Canngu is quite westernised and full of nomads whereas we prefer to be amongst the locals. If its a more cultured and authentic experience you are looking for the Ubud is for you.

Rice Fields

There are rice fields at almost every turn in Bali, they are beautiful and it was fascinating for us to watch the process of rice being made. Both our accomodations during our stay overlooked rice fields so we always had great views. The only thing is watch out for the the grass snakes, we saw at least a handful and I guess being so close to the rice fields it was expected. For a city girl, I think I did well bearing the creepy crawlies but you definitely can't escape them being that Bali is basically still a jungle.


Sunsets and sunrises in Bali are divine, best we've seen so far. We took a day trip that meant we had to leave our villa at 5am but we were able to witness a magnificent sunrise that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.


Poor Internet

I've mentioned this already but will say this. If you rely on having stable internet to make money, unless you are prepared and able to work in public or co-working spaces then Bali may not be for you. It's just really bad and not worth potentially risking your income over.

No Pavements

Living in SE Asia for 8 months means that we are used to pavements being a little sketchy but it seemed worse in Bali. We're happy to walk everywhere but frankly it got quite dangerous at times because often it was easier to just walk in the road. Not exactly family-friendly when you have a bouncy 1 year old on your back.

Taxi Drivers

The taxi drivers were the worst part of Bali for us. Usually in SE Asia we can travel around with our Grab (Uber) app quite cheaply, however in Bali, Gojek and Grab are seriously frowned upon, so much so that Gojek drivers dare not even enter certain zones like Ubud town where it is clear they are not welcome. This means that the local taxi drivers feel within their right to charge absured prices. I'm talking like 10 times the price of a Gojek driver and they WILL NOT negotiate. As we don't ride scooters and walking can be difficult, it made getting around a little tough.

I think if we weren't so reliant on the internet our experience would have been completely different. I absolutely adored Ubud and would love to go back when we're a lot more settled in our journey.

Love and Light,

Chi x