If you're seriously considering selling up and travelling indefinitely (on a budget). DO NOT START IN EUROPE, I REPEAT DO NOT START IN EUROPE. I don't ever have any regrets but if I could do our time over again, I would start in Thailand. Part of the reason we decided to start in Europe is due to the fact that we have to be back in the UK at least 4 times between July and December so it didn't make sense to do a long haul flight just yet.

But man has it been costly. Especially with our income sources not being stable just yet! So really we needed to make our savings stretch as far as possible and Europe is not the place to that. Yes it is cheaper than living in London but not as cheap as we imagined but we say that as "tourists". The biggest cost is the accommodation. Even though we've been in Spain for a few months, we are living in short stay apartments. If we were sticking around longer and searching locally then it would be far cheaper.

Most of the apartments we've stayed in are £600-900 a month when the locals would pay half of that. And, I guess I also can't blame everything on Europe being expensive. partly we haven't stuck to our budget due to the rat in the apartment, leaving Palma early & getting caught out at the airport with overweight luggage.

*Tip of the day, if you ever have to pay extra for your luggage, consider checking in your carry on case. We were charged 70 euros by Ryanair in excess fees but what we didn't think about was checking in one of our carry on cases. It still would have cost 40 euros but we could have balanced out the weight between the two and saved ourselves 30 euros.

So, even though we still have soooo much of Europe still to see (Italy, we will see you one day soon *sigh*) financially speaking I am so ready to move to places where our pound can go much further. We also got chatting to a guy who went to Thailand with the intention of staying 1 month and ended up staying 7 years, getting married and having children. Thailand has always been a dream destination of mine and it's definitely somewhere I think I could settle for a while. We won't get to that side of the world till 2019 but we've re-worked our 'stay in Europe for 2018 plan' to 'stay outside the border of Europe for 2018' in an attempt to make things a little easier on us financially. Let's see how that goes.

Love & Light,