As one of his amazing talents and gifts, AJ sheds light in an upligting, enlighting, truly spiritual and reflective post that is more than just a reflection but an applicable breakdown of life and how to achieve one's dreams in this world of confusion and noise.

Look at a seed. A seed knows what its end goal looks like. Yet, it makes haste through patience, focus and persistence to achieve at each level separately that which needs to be done before moving on. Notice, a seed is planted whether by man or nature, whether shallow or deep. Nature, the laws that be sees that energy and applies additional energy to that which has been done. The first stage and most important for the seed is to develop a way to break through with its roots from the shell.

The next stage is spreading its roots so that it maybe stable and strong to withstand harsh weather and environmental changes, to weather the storm so to speak. The seed is planning how to off set potential challenges from a nutritional and physical standing point of view so that when the trunks start to shoot up, there are ample nutritional avenues ready to feed it's growing stature and then some in particular reserves that's kept without touching it. The trunks are then sured up and grown in stature so to are the roots, they grow stronger and stronger. Branches are then given there own lane to express themselves, and they do so by creating mini branches with leaves of their own. All the branches are supported by the trunk and are semi independent, now notice that a new seed can now come from a branch and thus create the process all over again.

All of these things are relatable to life. Notice that you are the earth and information is the seed. Find the end goal. Then work with haste, patience and consistency to make the vision come true. Remember then that there are different stages that must be thought of as each stage requires undivided attention and focus.

The question for you is, look at a tree, any tree which speaks to you through its glory. Was that tree not glorious at each stage of its development? Now, did that tree become glorious in its size over night? Did that tree have the available resources to feed it's current stature already in its reserves readily available upon request? Was this not the first stage of this glorious tree? Finally, did that tree focus on a variety of branches or just a few, 1 or 2 maybe three?

The seed is the tree and the tree is the seed so in effect we are the seed, tree and earth. What is the thing that is keeping from reaching your glorious status, that which will allow you to create a variety of branches to produce offsprings of their own independence?