....Is what Google will convince you if read through enough forums and articles on the Black experience in Spain. Honestly, I really don't know where these people are going but from our experience of living in Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Seville we'd tell you the complete opposite! You absolutely should visit Spain and you definitely should consider moving to Spain if you've been thinking about leaving dreary London (wait till the heatwave is over, don't let this likkle sun trick you, stay woke).

No, we have not experienced any direct racism, some curiosity maybe but definitely not racism. Even then, I put that down to our extremely cutesy baby girl attracting all the attention of the locals. They want chat with her, stroke her and touch her curly hair. After a while, we did notice that it was just us getting this extra special attention, white babies were almost ignored in comparison to Taji and we have been out-rightly told it's because she is black. It does take some getting used to, in Malaga we were stopped up to 50 times a day and a few people have asked if they can take her photo which I still find extremely weird but don't believe there's anything malicious about it. We politely decline and move on.

We felt really safe in Spain at all times during the day, much safer in Spain than London. I think we heard police sirens maybe....maybe a handful of times in 4 months. Spain is very family friendly. Children are welcome in all restaurants and most bars, even beyond midnight you'll see families out with children, it's a really different environment. I didn't go out at night without AJ but I didn't feel that I couldn't if I wanted to. Malaga has made it to our list of potential locations for our 'forever home'. We loved it and will definitely be back.

Spain is filled with culture and so rich in history, black history too. The best way to learn is from first hand experience and the Moorish influences are undeniable, to walk grounds built by black hands that bought civilisation to Europe was an experience I'll never forget.

There aren't many Black people in Spain and most that you do see are tourists but I find we acknowledge each other more in Spain whereas even getting a simple smile from another Black woman in London can be like pulling teeth. We need to do better. I've had to check my own prejudices though so I get it. A blogger I follow mentioned she was moving to Albania for 6 months and my first thought was "why would you go to Albania?" Truth is, I know nothing about Albania apart from the bad rep that Albanians get as immigrants in the UK and that led me to judge the entire country based on biased media viewpoints. I should know better and when you know better you do better.

For me now, no destination is off limits unless it is a war zone and I see a legitimate reason that might put my family at risk. Racism exists globally but I think you'll find it's a small minority spoiling it for everyone else. Most people are decent human beings so go discover all beauty in the world for yourself. You won't regret it ​

Love & Light, Chi x