Yes, you can get the feeling of being uninspired even when you are a full time traveling family. When reality sets in, we do not hide those nuggets of information that no-one really talks about

One of things I love about this journey is that we're constantly learning something. It might be about the culture we've immersed ourselves in but more often I'm learning about myself. More recently, I've been feeling a little lacklustre. It's probably partly because we've been working really hard which means we've had less time to get out and explore our surroundings....in other words, reality is kicking in and ensuring that we're able to financially sustain this journey has become a priority and that's totally fine.

However, I think to counteract the fact that we're working much harder now, I'm ready for new surroundings and a new country. This time next week we'll be on our way back to good old London *rolls eyes*. I can't wait to see my family and friends but I am so not excited about returning. Besides the people we care about, I can't think of a single thing I'm looking forward to about London and we're back for a whole 6 WEEKS because travelling anywhere from London during the start of the summer holidays is crazy expensive and if the flight prices don't scare you then the bumped up accommodation prices will. So we find ourselves stuck.

We're gonna have to think of some ways to keep ourselves and Taji entertained so if you can suggest some places in London that we may not have visited (it's likely we've been to most of the typical London tourist places) then hit us up. ​

Love & Light,