If you know me personally, then you'll know that my weight has been a constant struggle of mine since my early 20s. That's over 10 years to take out the guess work. You'll have known that I've always been on some kind of diet and when you've seen me I've either been size 8-10, size 16-18 or somewhere inbetween.

*2 weeks postpartum (pp) vs 6 months pp vs 13 months pp Since the 1st January I've managed to go from being 38 inches around my waist down to 32 as of last month. No it's not an instant snap back but who cares! It's 6 inches lost in 6 months! And that's without restricting any food groups, allowing myself to snack when I want to, no waist trainers, no shakes, no pills, I've never starved myself and used solely walking as exercise (until now). All "diets" do is allow you to lose a lot of weight quickly (usually just water weight) and you end up putting it straight back on as soon as you begin to add back the foods that you deprived yourself of. Of course, I'm not saying go crazy but find a balance, for us its being healthy 80% of time and then we'll have 1 or 2 days each week where we'll indulge in our favourite foods/drinks unapologetically. If I have a burger and a glass of wine, I enjoy it and have no regrets the next day! Do you boo!

I've found that 3 things inspire me on my health and fitness journey:

1) My Family - having a trapped nerve, I was out of commission. I couldn't lift Taji and just getting out of bed was painful. It really drilled home that without my health I felt useless and I want to make sure that I'm in peak condition to go on many more adventures with the beautiful family we've created.

2) Accountability - I love that you tell us we inspire you and we of course want to be a source of inspiration in all aspect of our lives, health included. So you'll see pictures & videos on our Instagram page as my report to you that I'm in this for the long haul. And if we can encourage at least 1 person to make positive changes to their own health then our work is done!

3) Incentives - I am a real Goal Digger as I'm sure you already know. I love to be rewarded and so I'm always setting challenges for myself. Always having a reason why keeps me going. Currently, I have two pairs of size 10 jeans I'd like to fit into before the end of this year. I'm doing Insanity with BeachBody for the second time around and I've also joined a new website that pays you to lose weight. With Healthy Wage, you bet an amount each month that you'll be able to lose a certain amount of pounds in an a certain time frame. Mine is set at $30 dollars a month to lose 28 pounds in 6 months. With this info, it's calculator will give you a minimum amount of money you could win on top of getting your money back (I should make at least $100 profit according to the calculator). Your winnings come from the money of those who did not achieve their goal weight. On top of this, you can also boost your winnings by inviting friends and family to sign up. For every person who joins, we both get $40 added to our pot. Get 10 people to sign up and that's an extra $400 dollars added to your pot.

Get 10 people to sign up and that's an extra $400 dollars added to your pot. You can see how this can quickly add up. So if you want to lose some weight and know you can be committed to the cause, why not get paid to lose weight and automatically get yourself an extra $40 dollars by using my link. Let me know if you sign up as I'd love to encourage you on your journey.

Always aim to be better my friends. We have to learn what works for us and that could be very different to the next person so it's important not to compare yourself to anyone else. You set the standard and love yourself at each stage of the journey. It's because I love myself that I desire to be better, stronger and healthier. I love myself enough not to stay as I am but to continually build a better version of myself. I want my 30s to be better than my 20s.....mind, body and spirit.

Love & Light family,

Chi x