It’s the craziest thing; I keep getting these conflicting feelings. I can go from super excited about the future to concerned that we still have no concrete plan in a matter of minutes.

It made me think that whilst we still live day to day, not knowing what the future holds, in many ways I also feel richer than ever before. Strange huh? Society would say we’re definitely poorer because we have no permanent jobs or guaranteed income. However, for me that same situation makes me feel so much richer. Now, we make money on our own terms. We set our own working hours and don’t have anyone telling us how to spend our day. If we take on a job it’s because we want to and not because we have to. And what is a permanent job anyway? There’s no such thing these days! My one advice about making money will always be to make sure you have more than one source of income. Redundancy seems to happen often and if you became seriously ill tomorrow, to your employer you are replaceable.

Society would also say we’re poorer because we have no home of our own. We’ve always been anti-mortgage anyway so this one really isn’t a biggie for us. How many 30 somethings actually own their own home anyway? If you have a mortgage, THE BANK OWNS YOUR HOME. I don’t care how many ways you put it. I have absolutely no interest in being forced to pay the bank for 20 plus years of my life. Whilst, we have no permanent home, from next week, we have no accommodation or food cost for 8 weeks whilst we’re volunteering in Palma. Definitely richer!

The one area I definitely do feel somewhat poorer in is not having our family and friends around *sad face*. Especially since AJ has been on the course, it’s been quite a lonely 4 weeks. Taji is great company of course but I do miss connecting with other adults. We’re still yet to experience it properly but I am looking forward to getting to know some new people. Next week when we move in with the family in Palma, they have a 3 year old so Taji will hopefully have a new friend and we’ll be more immersed in Spanish culture through our host family. We’ve also secured another workaway placement with a couple in Greece for 3 weeks in October and I’ve been talking with other travelling mums so hope we can meet up with them if/when our schedules sync up.

As we’ve near enough condensed our belongings to a couple of suitcases, we’re definitely poor in the possessions department. Besides a laptop and mobile each, some clothes and a limited amount of savings, we really don’t have anything else to our name and that could definitely make you feel poor but on the flip side, I’m definitely feeling richer for it. I find it easier to discard things than ever before. Anything that doesn’t fit into our one suitcase or backpack now feels like a burden. Can you believe we’re actually still trying to find a way to reduce our stuff even further? My need for materialistic things is at an all-time low and the thought of spending even £100 on something that isn’t a flight makes me feel nauseous.

So whilst we don’t have much at all and we miss our family and friends terribly, nothing compares to this adventure we’re on. We’re creating stories that no one can take from us and best of all,Taji is going to have the greatest childhood ever, learning about the beauty of our world from first hand experiences. Next week our adventure steps up a gear as we move on to destination number 2, Palma de Mallorca. Until then family, ​

Love & Light, Chi