We've been in Thailand 60 days now on our tourist visa that we got from the Thai Embassy whilst in London and we knew that we wanted to extend our visa for another month and thought that we would share our experience.

So, as I said we already had a 60 day visa that cost us £25 each including the baby. There are a few didn't visas you can choose from and you can enter for free when you arrive as a British Citizen but I believe if you want to extend after stay under the waiver you are only eligible to do so for a lesser amount of time. So we went with the Tourist Visa. It was a painless process and we were able to collect the visas next day. I know that from April you will now be able to apply for your visa online which should make the process even easier.

When it came to extended our original visa, we choose to do so 3 days before it expired. The Thai officials are becoming increasingly harder on people overstaying their visas so we wanted to allow ourselves an extra few days as a just in case. If you get a 60 day visa you can extend your visa once from within Thailand, after that you will need to leave Thailand and get your visa from a neighbouring country like Laos.

To extend your visa in Phuket Town you need to have with you:


*Full address of where you are staying

*1900 baht per person (about £47)

*Pen (you can buy one at the office if you forget)

*One passport sized photo

*Your departure card

*Photocopies of the photo page of your passport, your visa and departure card.

Okay, so about the departure card, you fill this in when you are on your flight to Thailand.....DO NOT LOSE IT!!!! We did not get this memo and did not know it was needed if you wanted to extend your visa. Some immigration officers will staple it into your passport but ours didn't and we ended up misplacing Taji's departure card. Thankfully, as she's a baby, law says she cannot be punished so it wasn't an issue but I am led to believe that a lost departure card makes things much more difficult for an adult.

The immigration office was only a 15 minute walk to where we are staying in town, I know there is one in Patong but the services are limited so it's best to go to the Phuket Town office.

As it is a government building you must dress appropriately, there is a sign outside that specifies no strappy tops or shorts and we witnessed a group being kicked out for being inappropriately dressed.

Once inside there are helpful attendants who speak multiple languages and will make sure you pick up the right right form and help put your application together. The form itself is pretty straight forward, the main thing is to make sure you have the address of where you're staying and and your departure card. To the right of the entrance is a small shop where you can pay to get your photocopies done and pictures if you need them. The attendants will give you a ticket number once they have checked over your application and you wait for your number to be called, we waitied for about 15 minutes.

Once at the relevant desk they check your application, take your photo and you go back to the waiting room. We waited a further 10 minutes and then we got our passports back with our new exit date for 30 days time.

In total, I'd say we were at the immigration office for just over an hour, the longest part of the process was filling out the forms but all in all it was really simple. I think as long as you're courteous, dress appropriately and get to the office with plenty of time of your visa expiring, it should all go very smoothly.

We've got just over a week before we move to Koh Samui, a small island to see out the rest of our stay in Thailand.

Love & Light,