So we've been living in various parts of Thailand for almost 3 months now and I have to say, it's been the best move for us.

After our time in Europe we were exhausted after a string of difficult months due to poor internet connections, investing in new income streams and higher living costs than we would like so moving to SE Asia gave us some much-needed breathing space. I wanted to show just how cheap living in SE Asia could be as I know one reason many people do not travel is that they fear it will actually work out more expensive. So I'm going to breakdown 1 months living cost whilst we were living in London, UK compared to 1 months living cost whilst we were living in Chiang Mai, Thailand so you can see for yourself the stark differences.

Living in London, UK

​£660 - Rent 1 bedroom flat - we paid discounted rent (typical rent would be £900)

£133 - Council Tax

£84 - Utilities

£300 - Groceries

£200 - Going Out

£100 - Date nights

£60 - Mobile Phone

£20 - Broadband

£165 - Transport

£13 - Home Workout DVDs

£13 - Contents Insurance

£35 - Baby Nappies & Wipes

Total Monthly Outgoings = £1783

And this was us being frugal, we'd ditched the car and had 0 debts.....I know most Londoners don't spend as "little" as we did.

Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

£350 - Rent 1 bedroom condo (includes gym subscription)

£33 - Utilities (water, electricity, internet)

£350 - Groceries/Going Out (we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost daily)

£37 - Mobile Phone (for unlimited hi speed data)

£30 - Transport

£30 - Baby Nappies & Wipes (I find it weird that nappies and wipes are the same price)

£41-Travel Insurance(we actually did a 1 one off payment for this but I've included it anyway

Total Monthly Outgoings = £822

​We literally spent over half of what we used to spend if we were living in the UK and this was one of the primary reasons we decided to leave London. It's so expensive living there and on our fairly average salaries we were doing okay, we were debt free so able to save but we weren't satified with the (lack of) quality of life we were getting and knew there was a better way.

So we committed to earning our hard earned coins in British Pounds and Dollars online but choosing to spend it where we knew we could get most bang for our buck and that has to be SE Asia.

It has to be said that other parts of Thailand and Asia aren't as cheap as Chiang Mai which is why I guess it's a haven for many Digital Nomads who choose to stay for several years but even where we are now in the tourist destination, Koh Samui, we're still able to get a full meal of Green Curry and Steam rice for as little as £1.20. Where else can you beat those prices?

We've been here 3 months and bar one return trip to London for yet another wedding, we'll likely see out the rest of 2019 in Asia.

Wouldn't you?

Love & Light,

Chi x ​