Instagram will make it seem as though travelling full-time is the greatest thing in the world and in many ways it is. For the most part, we're having an amazing time. We have absolutely no regrets and still remain firm that this was the right decision for us.

HOWEVER..... It's easy for the pretty images to paint a very different picture to the reality. Especially if you're on Instagram. Social Media is the place where you can sell to people that you live a glamorous life but in real life you could be struggling but there is nothing more glamorous than saying you travel world whilst working remotely #NomadLife. Unless you have several thousand subscribers and literally get paid to stay in 5 star hotels, of which neither applies to us, then it is likely that you'll run into some pretty crappy situations.

Our plan was to volunteer through Workaway for the rest of 2018 to save on accommodation and food costs whilst we build our income and our first experience was horrible. We were told that we would have a separate apartment, in fact it was a garage/storage room at the bottom of the garden. They had over friendly dogs that shed all over us and the floor, meaning that Taji was not free to roam as she normally would and so she became very frustrated and bored.

The dogs pretty much stayed in the house ALL day and so the house stunk something horrid. Yuck! We weren't even shown where the shops were when we first arrived so we could make our own meals (it was a village so we would never have found anything without help) and when we did come back with 2 bags of shopping (which cost a whooping 40 euros) they seemed surprised that we'd even bought anything (even though, they told us they would only provide lunch so we'd be on our own for breakfast & lunch). After 4 days we told them we had a family emergency and would have to leave, quickly booked a one way flight to Seville and we left on day 7!! Thank God for family!!!

Maybe we just had one bad experience....maybe but we've been really put off of the whole Workaway life. If we didn't have Taji we may have stayed longer or even seen out the whole 8 weeks as planned but it wasn't a good environment for her so that was enough for us to get out.

It's the first time that I've felt we've had to re-evaluate the way we plan to travel and we've taken a hit financially as a result. To be honest, all of the issues/mistakes/lessons so far have cost us financially.....sigh but thankfully, we saved a decent amount of money and we've had unexpected income come in from a number of sources so we're still close to sticking to our budget at the moment.

I don't say all of this to put you off Workaway or travelling full-time and I hope I haven't but one of the things we promised we would do with our experience is be honest and transparent so that you get a realistic breakdown of how this life really is and don't get sucked into the claim that travelling full-time is easy and rosy. I'm not saying it can't be but like most things, it takes time to find your footing before it gets comfortable. ​

Love & Light,