Matched Betting: What is it?

Matched Betting is a betting technique for UK residents used to profit from the 'Free Bets' offered by numerous bookmakers. Unlike normal sports betting which based on chance, matched betting uses a mathematical formula which makes it risk free. If taken seriously, you could be well on your way to making up to several hundreds each month. Not too bad for a second income if you ask me. I started Matched Betting late October 2017 and with a pot of about £400, I was able to make £600 profit in my first 6 weeks of doing it. It's one of the sources of income that I can guarantee to jump on if I need to some extra cash.

I was really sceptical before trying it so did loads of research and after I stumbled upon articles by The Guardian and Huffington Post about it, I was sold. So how does it work exactly? Okay, so let's say you saw the offer 'Bet, £10, get £20' on the William Hill website. I would first make a 'Qualifying Bet' by betting £10 on Arsenal to win lets say, I would then place a second bet at what is called a 'Betting Exchange' on Arsenal Not To Win. That way, regardless of whether Arsenal win, lose or draw, I've covered all eventualities. From this qualifying bet, I may lose a small amount, usually up to £1 but now I've gained the free £20 as initially promised and so I'm going to do the same process again, only this time the calculator is going to help me maximise my profits. If I do all of the right things, I should be able to keep 80% of the free £20. I now have £16 which is mine to keep! Imagine repeating this process with up to 100 different bookmakers and you can see how quickly the profits add up!!!

The website I use to work all of this out for me is called Profit Accumulator. They do all of the hard work for me like showing me all the offers that are available, providing a matched betting calculator, a support system if I ever get stuck and an awesome forum with wealth of knowledge. They even have a 'How To Make £1000 a Month' thread where they show you offers released every single day. Are you sure this is legal? And what about Taxes? It's 100% legal, the bookmakers may not be so keen on you taking advantage of their offers but you're not doing anything wrong. Some bookmakers are becoming aware of Matched Bettors and if they believe you are taking the mick then you may be 'gubbed', which basically means you're prevented from taking part in further offers and promotions. It's not a biggie, I've been gubbed by maybe 3 bookies so far *shrugs*.

As for taxes, all winnings from "gambling" is tax-free and so there's no need to declare it to HMRC. And what happens when you complete all the sign up offers? Then you start on reload offers. The bookmakers want you to keep coming back so there are always various promotions to take advantage of. Some have weekly free bet clubs to take part in on a regular basis and if there's National/International Competitions on like the World Cup, then there may be daily free bets from some Bookmakers. Many people focus on football but there's also horse racing offers, ACCAs (multiple bets), casino, blackjack and poker offers. There's always ways to make more money with matched betting. Some people earn as much as £3000 a month doing it.

​Sounds too good to be true....Are you sure it's not a scam?

​I will say it is definitely possible to lose huge chunks of money if you're not careful but if anything does go wrong, its likely to be human error. I have made a few mistakes because I've been a rush or not paying attention, I've maybe lost about £10 in total but I've learned how to cover my mistakes if they do happen. Okay, so where do I sign up? Profit Accumulator (PA) is my current website of choice. There are a number of matched betting platforms and you can look into others. I actually started my Odds Monkey but I've realised that PA actually have more offers than others as it was one of the original platforms. Profit Accumulator are currently allowing you to sign up for free and they will show you how to complete your first 2 offers which have a value of up to £45 profit. Once you complete these, you can walk away with your £45 or sign up to their premium subscription which is £17.99 a month. It's totally worth it and you will make your subscription fee back in no time. All I ask is that you use my affiliate link below and I will offer you my personal support as you get started on your journey. You can also join our Facebook group for ongoing support and to get chatting with others who have just started their matched betting journey.