ever spent your days daydreaming about how different your life could be?
feeling unfulfilled at work?
sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
ever been on holiday abroad and thought 'why can't this be my life'?


Now I know this sounds cliche! but I've been there! I can't think of any other way but to just to tell you how it is. I'm open and transparent like that. Just 5 years ago I felt all of the above. I would dread getting up in the morning to face another day at a job that I hated. I spent every spare moment on YouTube watching couples in all these amazing countries, eating the best food and desperately wondering how I could experience that too but I was scared and stuck living a mediocre life or so I thought. I had 2 degrees and was working as a Careers Service Manager in Education (ironic I know), I was newly married, £18,000 debt and thinking about growing our family. Surely there was no way that I could live my dream life right now.

Most people wait till retirement. You can't raise a child abroad, what about healthcare and school? Self-employment? but 9 out of 10 business fail in their first year! How will you earn money? I thought about all these things and there were plenty of friends & family who doubted our dream but I just couldn't shift this feeling in the pit of my stomach, I knew that there was far more to life than my current mediocre experience.

Purpose - It was calling my name and I knew right there that the worst feeling in the world was living a life of regret, looking back and thinking about what I would have, could have and should have done. I couldn't bare the thought! Something had to change! If you're still reading this then I guess it's because you feel the same?


You absolutely deserve to live a free and fullfilling life that you love and look forward to each day.

With the right mindset you can achieve everything that you are dreaming of and even more.

You can live your truth boldly and unapologetically.

If you want to, you can live abroad with children and fund the lifestyle you've been longing for,

Once I changed my mindset and found the right tools to start our journey, our lives flipped upside down.

We cleared £18,000 worth of debt in 2 years. Saved £15,000 to fund our first year abroad. We have lived in 11 countries in the last 2 years as Digital Nomads and now have multiple online income streams to sustain our beautiful life.