You don’t have to spend a lot to travel well


People often think that they can’t travel often because travelling abroad is expensive, but we’ve found through our experience that travelling can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You get to decide! We would call ourselves mid-range budget travellers. Once you determined what kind of traveller you are then you can budget accordingly. For example, we’re taking a child free all-inclusive trip that will cost us over £2000 for 1 week. On the contrary we can live in Mexico with our accommodation, food and transport included for about £1000 for 1 month. The following 7 tips are what helps us to keep our travel budget lower than most.

1. Search Everywhere

Skyscanner is my jam! I don’t know why but I’m on there several times a week looking for flights. The main way we save money when we travel is to use the Search Everywhere tool. We’re very open minded about where we’ll travel to and so after inserting our “from” city, instead of a specific “to” destination city, we’ll let Skyscanner search everywhere and then again instead of inserting a specific date we’ll search the entire month. The more flexible we are, the easier it is to search out the deals. We’re also signed up to Jack’s Flight Club who sources out and sends you the best deals. Through Jack’s Flight Club we were able to get return flights to Miami for only £260 each!!!

2. Location, Location, Location

Stay just outside of the town centre. The further away you are from the town centre, the cheaper the accommodation gets. We usually look for accommodation that is within a 30 minutes walking distance of the town centre because that’s about how long we’re happy to walk for when in search of food. You may end up living amongst the locals but we always see this as a great thing for meeting new people and getting the best deals. Everything from accommodation, restaurants and souvenirs are always more expensive when you stay in town.

3. Airbnb vs. Hotel

Hotels are super expensive and I get it, you’re on holiday and would prefer to have everything taken care of for you but how much time do you spend in your hotel anyway? It’s mainly just the place to lay your head and shower right? And if that’s the case you might as well use Airbnb. We’re now super picky about the type of places we book. We ensure we have the entire house to ourselves so we’re not sharing with anyone and we mostly choose to book with a superhost who is a verified hosts with a high level of experience and standards. Have your non-negotiables, you absolutely should and then book a place with all the amenities you need and get comfortable. Get somewhere with a kitchen and you can at the very least make your own breakfast and maybe lunch which again, keeps those coins in your pockets. Get £34 off your first stay by using my link. However, if we do use a hotel, I almost always book using when you use it multiple times you become a genius member, you get discounted and secret rates. I also love booking because most places allow you to book with free cancellation and no prepayment which gives you more time to save and find the best place for you.

4. Stay Longer

How can staying longer cost less? Well if you choose to use Airbnb, many hosts will discount the price if you choose to stay for at least 1 week. We usually stay in places for at least one month which can attract discounts of up to 40% Yep a £1000 apartment can become £500 by just extending a 29 day stay to 30 days. Okay, so maybe you can’t stay as long as 1 month, no problem! Drop the host a message and let them know how much you love their place and you’re ready to book but that their place is slightly outside of your budget. Chances are you’ll still get a discount. At the end of the day, if you don’t ask you don’t get, yes it’s a little cheeky but all hosts want their places to be fully booked because an empty home means no income so it’s always worth a try.

5. Walk Everywhere and Use Public Transport

We like to walk! It’s free so what’s not to love. Staying outside of town means that our transport budget rarely goes above £30-50 a month. Walking is great exercise of course and when you’re trying to stay in shape like we are, it’s the perfect way to get in those steps. As we walk so often, it’s not uncommon for us to hit up to 20,000 steps in a day. If we do need to get a bit further afield then we’ll always opt for public transport first. In most countries it usually takes a day or two to figure out. We try to ask locals or use Google but in places like Mexico or Malaysia a bus ride might only cost you 50-70p each. Do you remember when bus rides used to cost that 25 years ago in central London? A taxi for the same journey into town in Mexico might cost £3 for a 15 minute drive. It’s still very cheap but we could get 3 bus rides for that price.

6. Eat Where The Locals Eat

What we also love about walking is that we will often stumble across hidden gems and restaurants. We get to see where the locals eat and that’s exactly where we choose to eat. We hate touristy restaurants that are usually overpriced and bland or watered down. In Centro, it might cost £2 per taco compared to outside of Centro Playa, where we pay about 60p for a taco and it tastes way better.

I hope these tips help you to explore more of the world in an authentic and beautiful way. Let me know if you decide to use any of them.

Love & Light,

Chi x