Travel is important! It opens your mind to new cultures and experiences, dispels myths and ignorances.

As black people, we see far to few other melanated people on our journey so we really hope that we can inspire more of you to hop on a plane to a destination outside of your usual. Visiting new countries doesn't have to be expensive, we've come up with a list of suggestions that should help to make travelling more accessible for you.

1) Book flights and accomodation seperately.

I never use a travel agent. Everything they do you can do yourself and you'll save money in the process as you won't be paying their commission. For flights I'll usually use Skyscanner and accomodation, if I was staying in a hotel, I'd use because of the ability to cancel bookings without paying a fee and the fact that you can usually pay on arrival rather than at the time of booking giving you longer to save up for your trip.

2) Go Incognito

Back to booking flights, did you know that thanks to a little thing called 'cookies', not the edible type, websites track your activity on their website. If you're searching for flights several times before you're ready to book this can trigger a note to the website which tells them you're likely to book this option which may result in bumping up the price a little. No, you didn't imagine that is was cheaper yesterday, you're being watched. To avoid this, search for flights in Incognitio. If using chrome, click the 3 dots and the top right hand and open new incognito window. This will prevent websites from keeping track of your activitiy and will help keep the costs a little lower.

3) Search for Flights Midweek

Sticking with flights, it's also been suggested to book flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Most people will book at the weekend and the more flights that sell, the more prices are pushed up. So book during the week before the prices shift.

4) Avoid Travelling Weekends

It's not always possible but I think everyone know to avoid booking during the holiday period. Whether we like or not, flight & accomodation prices work on supply and demand so obviously the school holiday period is the most expensive time to travel. Hubby I used to work in schools and it was always frustrating that the only time we could travel was outside of term-time. It's one thing I definitely don't miss anymore. In addition to that, if you can, fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Flights are considerably lower mid-week as most people are likely to wait till the weekend to set off.

5) Search Everywhere

If you can be flexible with your booking click search everywhere and us the whole month or cheapest month feature rather than a specific dateto bring up a list of the cheapest destinations available.

6) Self-Cater

Okay, I know you booked a holiday specifically for the purpose of avoiding cooking but it can really make a huge difference in your costs. If you're able to make your breakfasts and sandwiches for lunch, you'll then only need to spend on dinner which could almost half your food spend. It's a no brainer to me. The other plus to this is if you book with a website like Airbnb, you are usually booking someone's apartment, which will always be considerably cheaper than booking a hotel. Get £25 off your first booking here.

7) Travel Outside Of Western Countries.

We're actually avoiding any western countries for as long as we can because it is far more cost effective. Flight prices might be a little more expensive, unless you book at the right times, but generally as the cost of living is much lower in countries like Turkey & Thailand, your money goes so much further. In Turkey, we could jump on a bus for around 50p and a delicious green curry in Thailand sets us back £1.20 and it tastes prety much the same as the green curry we had in Dubai where we spent almost £200 for the two of us. This has allowed us to almost half our monthly expenses.

8) Walk Everywhere

Typically, when we book accomodation, I'm conscious to ensure that we're well placed to local activities and the city/beach because we walk absolutely everywhere. The health benefits need no mention and we're able to spend far less when we don't have to rely on taxis or public transport to get around. 9) Stay Longer Is there anyone who wouldn't say no to a longer vacation? If you're using apartments like Airbnb, hosts will usually offer long stay discounts if you're booking for more than 1 or 2 weeks, book for over a month and you could see prices drop by over 40%. It's one of the main reasons we stay in most of our destinations for at least 1 month at a time.

10) Use Groupon

I'm a big fan of Groupon and I remember wondering if I could find a similar deal savings website for our trip to Dubai & I found that Groupon also operated there too and was able to book a couple of our activities in advance saving a great amount. Groupon may not exist everywhere but you can usually find a similar dels website which a quick search on the net. Hopefully, some of tips will help to make your next trip more cost effective and allow you to book even more time away to places you'll fall in love with.

Love & Light,