There definitely are downsides to travelling full-time and in wanting to appear like this lifestyle is glamorous, it's often not talked about.

Being a digital nomad, ALL of your income depends on you having a stable internet connection. So when you land in a place that has crappy wifi, it can have financially devastating consequences. This is happening right now and it really sucks because it's made it difficult to enjoy our time in Turkey. Thankfully, we have more than one source of income which is something we always promote because you never know what lies ahead and we thought we were also being smart by purchasing a worldwide wifi dongle so that even if our internet fails in our apartment, we could connect via the dongle.

Turns out, even though the dongle said it covered Turkey, we've been told that it doesn't cover the part of Turkey where we're based.....you couldn't make it up! On top of that, being self-employed means that you may need to rely on clients and companies paying invoices on time which doesn't always happen. This of course also affects us financially.

So here we are, struggling internet connection and finances still not as stable as we'd like them to be. It's been a frustrating experience. However, I'm learning to be more grateful during our difficult times. Hubby and I were reminiscing the other day about how things used to be. Like when I used to have anxiety attacks sitting in my car before going into work and how we used to eat poor man's food whilst we were trying to pay off our £18,000 worth of debt. We've come so far and we're determined not to go back.

We're happy, healthy and have created a beautiful life where we get to decide where we wake up each morning and how we'll spend our days. It's definitely not perfect and we're still working out a lot of it but considering we're only 6 months into our journey I'm super proud of everything we've achieved. We've still got 2 weeks left here in Antalya and I'm going to do my best to ensure that we can make the most of our time even with all the obstacles. Mindset is everything so I'm choosing to see this as a small bump in our road. Everything will fall accordingly into place as it has done so far.

Love & Light,

Chi x