If you're on this journey with us, I consider you family and in the words of a fellow FroFamilyTravels family member "letters and postcards are a welcome gift in a world where all we get through the post are flyers and bills".

It's so true and 100% of you voted in our last Instagram poll that you would like to receive some happy mail from us. It's actually something that we had discussed doing before we even left the UK. After running SuperFunkyMe, we wondered how we could continue to send you great items that we discover as we travel the world and let you deeper into our journey as some of you have proclaimed you're living vicariously through us. Insert Patreon....

​Patreon is a platform that allows creators to get paid for doing what they do best. We set a financial or number of Patrons goal that will help us to achieve our ultimate aim and create rewards for the patrons that help us work towards said goal. Our ultimate aim for FroFamilyTravels is to create a passive income stream that allows us focus on creating a Youtube channel that shows you how to you live your desired life unapologetically.

What I love most about Patreon is the fact that it allows you to reward the people who choose to support you. I wouldn't ask for money without feeling a need to give something in return and Patreon does just that.

Our Patreon page has 6 tiers/rewards and you can choose to give as little or as much as you like. So, our rewards are of course based around travel, you could opt to receive a handwritten postcard from every destination we travel to or what we call a happy box filled with lots of treats, one month there could be a flamenco fan from Spain, spices from Morocco or a dancing doll from Hawaii. Either way, we're sure you'll look receiving your happy mail box of goodies each month.

Your other options are to receive a private Skype call from us each month because as you may/may not know I used to be a mentor and obviously we've run businesses on and offline and we'd love to support you in achieving your goals too.

All Patrons will have access to Patron-only content like helping us to decide where to travel to next and a monthly group hangout with us where we'll answer your questions and update you on what we've been up to. Whatever level you choose to support us at, we remain humbled and grateful that you would help us achieve our goals. The site is now live so head over there now to check it out by clicking this link, let us know what you think and we'll edit/add rewards as our journey continues.

Love & Light,