Ready to become a Global Citizen and move abroad with confidence?

Download our free step-by-step checklist with a clear plan for a smooth transition to your new life. Spread over an 18-24 month timeline this checklist contains all the things you need to do before you embark on your upcoming adventure. Make sure you don’t miss a thing!


Living Abroad

Get the tools to plan your move, adapt, and build a new life overseas. Achieve location indepence, embrace new cultures, live responsibly and sustainably.


Family Travel

Create kid-friendly adventures, and unforgettable memories with cultural immersion for a richer travel experience with your entire crew.


Remote Work

Discover remote work strategies, online income streams & tips for creating financial freedom. Embrace the world as your office.

Who Are FroFamilyTravels?

Hey! Chi & AJ here! In 2018, we quit our jobs to travel around the world as Global Citizens with our then 9 month old daughter. We’ve lived in 14 countries since then and welcomed our son to the world 2022 in Mexico.

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Immerse yourself in the lush jungles of Belize with us for a transformative 10-day experience where you’ll learn lifelong valuable skills & reconnect with nature in true glamping style!