Make £1000 a Month with Outplayed Matched Betting And Side Hustles

Tried & tested by me, my online side hustle suggestions will help you to make some quick and easy extra cash online. 

So I assume you have come to this post because your looking for the quickest ways you can make money right now. There are no get rich quick schemes here, sorry, I haven’t figured that one out just yet (I’ll let you know as soon as I do) but I have put together a list of my favourite ways to earn money quickly so you can get paid asap and pssst, trust me when I say that outplayed matched betting is the easiest way to make money on this list. This list is just for side hustles so if you’re looking for more full-time online work then click here.

With most of these, you can make money within a week. Some may take a little longer but they are my “go to” things to do whenever I need a quick cash injection.
*The key to these platforms bringing in regular income is consistency. Many of these websites I check every day, otherwise it’s likely you’ll miss most of the opportunities!

This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Please know that we only recommend products and services that we believe in and that we think would be helpful to our readers.

Outplayed Matched Betting 

(Average Cash Out time: 1-2 days, UK only)

I made about £600 in the first 6 weeks of Matched Betting. I love it! Contrary to belief, it’s not gambling but strategic betting. If you follow the formula correctly, you should never lose. It involves placing two bets to cover all possible outcomes of a sports event. By taking advantae of free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers, you can potentially lock in a profit regardless of the result. It requires some research and understanding of odds but don’t worry there’s a platform that helps with that.

For me, it’s been the easiest wait to make tax free income quickly. Some people make £1000+ each month doing it, but I didn’t reach that level of dedication. It can take a little while to get your head around it but once you do you’ll be addicted. I have a YouTube video dedicated to getting started with Matched Betting so please check it out to learn more about it but all I say is Matched Betting with Outplayed.com is THE quickest way I’ve ever made profit online.


(Average Cash Out time: 2-3 weeks, worldwide)

This has to be my favourite Market Research website as unlike others you are not limited to how many you can take part in. Respondent update the available projects frequently, almost daily, so check the website often and they pay very well. I’ve made £100s with Respondent alone, recently getting and being paid $60 for talking about hair masks for 20 minutes in a Superdrug store and receiving $75 for 70 minutes chatting via webcam about beauty products.

They also have a generous referral scheme, $20 or $50 for each person you refer depending on the project. This is another website that you need to check on a regular basis. I tend to check it daily for new opportunities. There are many months where I have made £200-300 a month from this website.

Oh My Dosh

(Average Cash Out time: 1-2 days, UK only)

I made almost £40 in 24 hours with Oh My Dosh. It’s a site where you can make money for completing offers. You may have to sign up for a free trial in order to qualify and cash out (just remember to cancel before the trial ends) but there is lots of opportunities with this one. Get a £1 welcome bonus just for signing up with my link.


(Average Cash Out time: 1-2 weeks, worldwide)

When I have the time to dedicate to it, I’ve made an average of £10-20 a day with Prolific. It’s my favourite survey site. There are literally studies you can do whilst watching TV. They’re not big paying but every little helps and I’ve managed to cash out over £20 several times. Tip, don’t wait for them to email you about studies as it won’t happen, keep your browser open and you’ll see studies pop up several times through out the day. Most of these studies come from university researchers who work Monday to Friday 9-5 so I’ve found that during these times is when most opportunities appear

Ping Pong

(Average Cash Out time: 1-2 days, worldwide)

Another one of my favourite market research websites. You’ll earn 30EUR per hour for giving your opinions on a new website design or prototype for an upcoming product launch.  It’s super easy money.  No need to check the website with this one.  PingPong will email you directly when you are eligible for an upcoming opportunity.

Sharing Your Opinions with Attapoll

(Average Cash out time: 1-2 weeks, worldwide)

This mobile app allows you to make money by completing short surveys on various topics. Here’s how it works:

Download the Attapoll app (Get 40p instantly for using my code DSIJF), Sign up for an account. Start taking surveys. New surveys are added frequently, and you’ll receive notifications when ones matching your profile are available.  Surveys typically take just a few minutes to complete, and the topics can range from your shopping habits to your opinion on a new product.  Each survey you complete earns you points, which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or various gift cards.

Earning potential varies: The amount you can earn depends on the length and complexity of the survey. Generally, longer surveys offer higher rewards.  Surveys are targeted to specific demographics, so you might not qualify for every one. 

ESA Retail

(Average Cash Out time: 2-3 weeks, UK only)

There are always lots of opportunities to choose from with ESA Retail and more recently they’ve been adding online mystery shopping which is perfect for me. I completed a Facebook Chat Mystery Shop for a Car Retailer. It was so easy and I got paid £10 for sending two messages. I have also completed an online Asda Mystery Shop which didn’t pay but I was reimbursed £40 worth of shopping, big win for me.

Survey Savvy

(Average Cash Out time: monthly, worldwide)

No, it’s not megabucks but all you have to do is install the Survey Savey app on up to 3 devices and you will sent a £5 Aamzon voucher per device every month for doing nothing. Easy enough to me.

Get Paid To Search Online

(Average Cash Out time: monthly, worldwide)

The following websites have various social media and web search evaluator jobs where you can work freelance for companies who work in partnership with Google. Advance warning though, only apply for 1 company at a time as there is crossover work and they will ask and know if you’ve applied for more than one company.

I suggest starting with Appen as the application is the easiest. The application for Lionbridge and Leapforce is INTENSE and involves studying for and passing a test which takes 1 entire week to complete. I failed twice! I was actually offered a job with Appen just before we left the UK so couldn’t take it up as you need to be based in the location you apply for but my sister in law got a job with Appen for the Spain based job. They pay approximately £9-12 an hour and you can usually get up to 20 hours a week.


(Average Cash out time: weekly, US, UK, Canada Australia, New Zealand)

The world of AI is booming, and there’s a growing demand for skilled professionals to train and refine AI models. This translates to exciting opportunities for side hustlers!

If you have a keen eye for detail and enjoy meticulous tasks? Data annotation could be a perfect fit. Companies need people to label data, which helps AI models learn and improve. Imagine being part of the foundation for groundbreaking AI advancements!  I’ve only just started with Outlier but it was extremely easy to apply, taking only 5 minutes with a few details and uploading your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

I was accepted within 1 hour and once I completed the initial verification checks I was immediately assigned to a project.  The project I’m on claims that there is endless work available and that it’s possible to work full time hours if you want to.  The average pay for a project is $15-18 an hour so this should be a nice little earner.  I’ll update you as things progress. 

The other alternative to Outlier is Data Annotation Tech.  You would essentially be doing the same thing for a different company.  I did apply to Data Annotation Tech but the application process was far more detailed.  You need to allow up to 1 hour to complete form.  In our Whatsapp community group, one of our current members earns $2000 a month working for 5 hours a day with Data Annotation Tech so the potential is definitely there.  


(Average Cash Out time: 1-2 days, UK only)

Topcashback is the UK’s highest paying cashback sites.  Earn cashback every time you shop online.  Most of the online you stores you use are probably on here so you should be using this.  For example, earn 20% cashback when you purchase from Holland & Barrett and earn up to 12% back when you book with Expedia.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is a handy app that lets you earn cashback on everyday purchases at over 150 popular retailers. Download the app and get a £2 bonus when you use my code HPNQHGEQ

Simply link your bank card and shop as usual (in-store or online). Airtime Rewards automatically tracks your spending and rewards you with cashback that you can redeem to directly reduce your mobile phone bill! Look out for bonus challenges and promotions to maximize your savings and keep your phone bill nice and low.


(Average Cash Out time: 3-4 weeks, UK only)

Use referral code ALLEO869

Sign up to Monese here. Complete the application process. Top-up your account with £1. Order a physical Monese card (This costs £4.95). Once your card arrives spend the full £1 that you topped up your account with. You will then receive a £20 bonus.

To get an extra £10 bonus you will need to spend £500 using your Monese card in 30 days. (The easiest way to do this is to transfer money to your Monese card before making a purchase and use it to pay in-store or online for purchases)

Once you have hit the £500 spend through the card you will receive the extra £10 bonus.

That’s £30 in total available for this offer!


(Average Cash Out time: 2-3 weeks, UK only)

Get free £5 when you sign up to online UK bank.  I love Monzo because of the free overseas atm withdrawls and 0 fees on purchases anywhere in the world.  They also offer a great exchange rate and have lots of cool features like pots where you can place your money into seperate spaces to save towards a goal.

How to get your free £5: sign up here to open an account with Monzo.  Top up your account and make a purchase in any store once your free Monzo card arrives.

You will then be credited with £5 cash to your Monzo account to spend wherever you like.

Trading 212

(Average Cash Out time: 2-3 days, UK only)

Get free shares worth up to £100 each when you use my link. Create an account with Trading 212, make a deposit to the account within 10 days. Once you’ve been verified your free shares will hit your account within 2-3 days.  I’ve received shares for companies like Nike in the past.  You can sell your shares immediately if you choose. Please note that there are risks associated with stock trading, your investment can go down as well as up. 

FAQs For Making Money Online With Side Hustles

I have no experience, can I still do a side hustle?

Absolutely! Many side hustles require little to no prior experience. Data entry, virtual assistant tasks, and social media management can all be learned on the job. For some creative side hustles like content creation or writing, you can leverage your existing passions and interests.

How many hours a week should I dedicate to my side hustle?

The beauty of a side hustle is the flexibility! You can dedicate as much or as little time as you have available. Start with a manageable amount, like 5-10 hours per week, and adjust based on your progress and income goals.

Is it safe to work online?

As with any work, online jobs require caution. Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Research companies before signing up. Look for reputable platforms with good reviews.
  • Beware of upfront fees. Legitimate side hustles shouldn’t require you to pay to start working.
  • Protect your personal information. Don’t share sensitive details with unverified sources.

How much money can I realistically make with a side hustle?

Earnings vary greatly depending on the side hustle you choose, the time you invest, and your skills. Some side hustles, like data entry or microtasks, offer a smaller hourly wage but require less time commitment. Others, like freelancing or content creation, have a higher earning potential but may require more upfront effort to build a client base or audience.

What if I don’t have a lot of time?

There are plenty of side hustles that require minimal time investment. Microtasking platforms like MTurk offer short tasks you can complete in minutes, while house sitting or pet sitting can earn you income while you travel or enjoy other activities.

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