We've spent 4 months in Spain, we're currently in Turkey and we'll be hitting 3 more countries before the end of 2018. Safe to say, we pack and re-pack our luggage A LOT.

When we first started out we thought we barely had anything which resulted in 1 large suitcase, 2 carry on cases, 2 carry on bags, 1 baby bag, 1 travel cot and 1 car seat. Boy were we wrong. We had 8 items and the baby, the struggle through the airport was real and we were still 1kg overweight. I dreaded moving day! When prepping to move to a new city, we chucked away what we didn't use but the scales weren't budging and we were still paying excess baggage fees. So one of our goals for our summer back in the UK was to re-think our luggage and ideally get down to carry on only.

Here's what happened: AJ's rucksack broke whilst on his TEFL course and we were looking for a replacement when we stumbled across a Samsonite rucksack...guys, this brand is the brand of travel gear. Now it comes with a bit of a hefty price tag but when you travel as frequently as we do, it was worth the investment. One of the best things about this rucksack is the many different compartments, especially the laptop section. We also keep our 100ml liquids, passport & purpose in a different compartment. So when we go through security, there's no fumbling around getting everything ready. After reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, I constantly feel the need for everything to have a 'place' and this works perfectly for that. So we ended up with 2 Samsonite rucksacks because actually my tote bag wasn't going to cut it.

Carry on only was the dream but as a family of 3 kinky curly heads all with different needs, our staple hair and skin products have to come with us and that 100ml only allowance through security just wasn't enough. So we opted for 1 carry on and 1 slightly medium suitcase that we can check in. Again, we knew we loved Samsonite so that was our go to brand.

My dream of being a minimalist led me to really look at just how much we were carrying, our biggest issue was packing for multiple seasons. Spain was a bit chilly so we had autumn and summer clothes but it resulted in just too much stuff. We're sun seekers at the moment so now we pack for 1 season only, summer, with 1 jacket and 1 jumper for when we're back in the UK.

I also found that I packed a lot of what I like but my tops didn't always match my bottoms which left a lot of things unworn and that was just a waste of space...enter new wardrobe. When buying clothes I now plan whole outfits and need to be able to team a top with at least 2 bottoms in order to create multiple looks and rid the feeling of wearing the same thing over and over.

Packing cubes, where have you been all my life? Seriously, how am I only just learning about these now? We bought ours from Amazon, we have 4 each and the baby has 2 cubes. In my first and largest cube I pack 21 items: 1 jumper, 1 kimono, 1 cardigan, 1 shirt, 5 vests, 3 other tops, 5 bodysuits, 2 swimming costumes, 1 scarf, 1 headwrap. The second cube has 9 items: 2 trousers, 2 jumpsuits, 2 dresses, 2 shorts & pyjama bottoms, the third cube has my workout gear, 4 tops & 4 bottoms, the fourth cube has my underwear. I have 2 walking shoes in a shoe bag, both sketchers because of the amount of walking we do and a pair of flip flops for around the apartment.

All of this takes up only 1 half of our medium sized suitcase, hubby has the other half. One of Taji's cubes sits on top. All of our larger liquids fit into 1 toiletry bag and we also have a compartment in the case for all of cables and chargers.

We wear our heaviest items to the airport which is typically jeans and a jumper and the most bulky shoes. In my rucksack (which now doubles up as Taji's nappy bag, I have my laptop, 3 books, my journalling sheets, purse, small liquids, jewellery, a spare outfit, Taji's other cube, nappies, wipes, a spare outfit for Taji and space to carry snacks.

The great thing about cubes is when we travel to destinations that don't have much wardrobe space we can live out of the cubes without any hassle. I actually now prefer living out of the cubes rather than unpacking everything.

We considered getting rid of her travel cot and only booking apartments that come with a cot but after staying at hotel that provided the most disgusting cot with a duvet as a mattress (can you imagine?) we decided to stick to our own, we usually stuff nappies and our beach mat in there too. And that's it, we've got down from 8 items to 4: 1 super organised medium suitcase, 2 rucksacks, 1 travel cot and 1 car seat. Totally manageable and (almost) stress-free travelling.

Love & Light,